Elijah Williams is a christian anime artist who started his art career at the age of 17 years old in the midst of a pandemic. He felt like there was a way to bring light into a reality that was pretty bleak at the time. Since all of the schools were shut down he didn't want to be idle and waste the time he was given so he began teaching himself to draw, he began to perfect the craft that has always been in his dna. little did he know it was God's plan all along. 

Elijah learned mostly from his computer in different courses on udemy and youtube university. He gave up multiple times but the lord wouldn't let him quit and he eventually found a mentor who inspired him to take everything he learned to a new level. He worked day and night to change all of his weakness into strength and still does to this day.

He eventually began sharing his art at the age of 18 and even got hired by people to do illustrations for them but he felt like there was way more to accomplish. So he set out for college at Arizona state in order to get away from the pandemic and chase his dreams. He didn't find what he was looking for in college and after an encounter with God he eventually left the school but he was right where he needed to be.

 Elijah was only 10 minutes away from his mentor and seeing the help he could provide he welcomed Elijah into his home and gave him a one of a kind college experience. In the couple of months he lived there he learned everything he could. the information was priceless he gained lessons in Art, Business and most importantly life. 

Elijah took his new skills and knowledge and moved back home to Georgia where he felt the lord had called him to and trusted in the growing process that he was being taken through. His family was there every step allowing God to move through them . He enrolled into a new school in Georgia where he is currently taking religion and philosophy online. Although his growth is not yet complete the lord has shown him the road map and the steps he needed to take so he is taking them and will continue to for the rest of his life.

He is now a freelance artist using all of the help that he has been given to reach new heights and goals. With everything he has learned his life looks more clear and he is in production of a lot of new things including his comic book, More prints, Canvases and much more that he is excited to share with the world all for the Glory of God and to bring ink to the saints. So let him bring some light to your dark walls!

He is currently in New York and is hoping to expand his business which will be done with your help. He wants to eventually travel to Comic Con shows and share his comic book, and artwork globally with the world.